For solid surface restoration, Az Prime thoroughly inspects your kitchen and/or bathroom
solid surface counter tops, provides written details of which restoration procedures would be best
for your aged counter tops and approximately how long it will take for completion.
The restoration process may take up to four hours.
Refinishing, cracks and other minor repairs may take longer than anticipated -
depending on the severity of damage.
Az Prime offers complete solid service counter top fabrication, installation and scheduled
maintenance as well as excellent customer service throughout Arizona to home,
business and property owners.
Whether it be your residence, business or property management company, let Az Prime skillfully
restore the original beauty back into your counter tops and make them look
brand new again!
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New Business
Here is a generalization of what
we  accomplished with pieces of
old scratched up material from
two businesses in order to get one
larger counter top for one.
Planning seam placement
for top section 1.
After seam adhesion.
Rough sanding seam.
Routing opening to new size.
Preparing, gluing and
clamping small sections
for top section 2.
Rough sanding seamed
sections for top section 2.
Top section 2 almost ready
to be seamed to top section 1.
After seam preparation,
both sections are fitted,
scribed, aligned and after
adhesion of both tops to
sub deck, seamed together.
Final seam is rough sanded.
And more scratches.
Time for the entire
counter top to be
Finished counter top ready for additional hardware.